About Us

Consolidated Adhesives, Inc. manufactures stikwel text cost-effective high-quality industrial adhesives and sealant; water-based adhesives for floors, perfect binding, bottle labeling, cigarette, lamination, packaging, printing, paper & others.

Consolidated Adhesives, Inc. started out as a small adhesives business by its chemical engineer founder who began, in 1960, by making red padding glue for one of his friends. He was operating as a sole proprietorship business at that time. His concern for the environment set his mind to produce only water-based industrial adhesives.
Years of research and hard work enabled us to make various types of industrial adhesives as outlined in our products page.
Our operation started as a chemical compounder buying chemical bases to produce adhesives for the end user. As the customer base grew so did the need for more control in the quality of the chemical base used in our formulation. Hence, we decided to operate our own polymerization plant in 1975, which coincided with the incorporation of the business.
Operating our own polymerization plant enables us to custom design chemical bases for mission critical adhesive formulation. This also ensures higher standards of quality control over our products. For the same reasons, we also convert corn starch into dextrin for use in the formulation of dextrin glues.
To ensure consistent quality products, it is our enduring policy to purchase raw materials only from the biggest and most experienced suppliers in their respective industry. We believe we can only produce high quality adhesives with the highest quality raw materials.
Many of our mission critical formulations are custom formulated to satisfy a particular customer's needs. Customers with new product requirements collaborate with our development team to come up with the desired product in the shortest possible time. Working in close relation with customers is the key to the service oriented business we are in.
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Consolidated Adhesives, Inc. distributes its construction glues through its national network of distributors. It also sells to industrial users through its WHITE-GLUE and STICKIE brands.
If you need samples of any of our products or would like us to custom formulate any adhesive for your use, please contact us.
We welcome resellers and also do private labeling for your particular geographical area.